Written by Joyel (owner and main IT force of

Notice: I have the ability to type 90-120 WPM with virtually no typing errors. I am also able to correct whatever errors I do have quickly. This skills helps me to excel in a lot of the services that are listed below, since a good number of them are based off of the internet or require the internet.

  • Writing

     We provide full service writing services. I write business plans, resume’s, proposals, stories, novels, articles, ads, and a variety of other writing materials.

  • Proofreading/Editing

     If you have writing material that has already been drafted or created by another writer, I also provide proofreading and editing services as well.

  • Transcription

    Due to my fast typing speeds I am able to transcribe something from virtually any type of audio over to typed text.

  • Research

    Due to my knowledge of the internet, I am able to quickly and accurately providing researching and data compilation services.

  • Data Entry

    Due to my mixture of typing abilities and knowledge with various types of software, systems, and databases, I am able to quickly, accurately, and easily perform data entry services.

  • Hosting

    I offer hosting, via my affiliate account as Hostgator. This is my host of choice, and what I recommend to all of my clients. Currently it’s one of the top rated hosts of 2011. You can sign up here. Please note, if you use the coupon code “ninjakreborn” you will have $9.94 off of the total price of your first month.