Written by Joyel (owner and main IT force of

I am able to handle ANY of your graphic design needs. I work directly with a grand master graphic designer, and can handle anything you could possible want in the world of digital design. Whether it’s a logo, layout, graphical ad, or some other form of high quality artwork, I can handle all of your needs.

  • Graphic Design

    Logos – I provide full logo services. Whether it’s a very simple text logo, or a highly advanced graphical logo, all the way down to interactive or movable logos, I handle them all; Layouts – Whether it’s a brand new layout from scratch, or modifying an existing layout I can handle this for you. If you have an existing logo, or if I create one for you then I can create the layout around your logo so they look like they came together. A custom layout gives you the advantage of using a never before seen layout for the first time. This means that the layout your using won’t be used by a competitor or another company; Graphical Ads – Whether you are marketing on Craigslist, another online marketing site, a news paper, or anywhere else a good graphical ad can never hurt. Using top quality graphical skills I can put together an amazing ad that will market your company in the best possible way. Increasing your chances to get peoples attention and make them contact you for information about your product, service, or whatever your offering.

  • Print Design

     Print Design is the other end of the design spectrum. Print design focusing on designing something that is going to be printed out. Via co-ordination with my very experienced graphic designer, I am able to provide any services related to print design you could possible need: Business cards, brochures, letterheads, signs, ads, postcards, flyers, envelopes and more.

  • Branding

    Branding is a mixture of design materials formed together under one brand. This would include a logo, layout, and a variety of other pieces of marketing material all wrapped up into one flat pricing package. There is no limit to the branding services that I offer. Whether it’s a simple layout/logo branding project, or a vast branding project that has a layout, logo, full website, business cards, brochures, and a variety of other marketing materials, I can help you.

  • Image Manipulation

     I offer high quality image manipulation services. If you have changes you need to a specific image, or various images spliced together into one, I can handle all of those things for you. This also includes image restoration, red eye removal, and a variety of other image related services.

  • Video and Multimedia

     Video resizing – Videos can come in very large sizes. I have the programs, and abilities to cut very large videos down to reasonable sizes. If you gave me a video file that was around 800 megabytes large, I could generally cut that down to around 30 with very little quality reduction; Video Conversion – You can give me a video of any type, and I can convert it into virtually any other type of file. If you have a lot of videos of a specific type, but need them in a specific type then I can do them in mass for cheaper. For example. If you had a large volume of AVI files, and needed them as WMV for your camera, I could perform the conversion without corrupting the video. I can handle virtually any file type, or codec. If I do not have the one(s) that are needed, then I can find them; Video Editing/Splicing – I offer a variety of video editing services. From cutting cuss words out of a video, to splicing multiple videos. Whatever video needs you have, I can help you; Flash Work – I can handle any flash services. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small flash intro or a huge full blown flash site I can help you. This also includes modifications to existing flash files, and their backend programming; Video Development – Need videos built from scratch. Depending on the specifics, I might be able to help you. Whether it’s a cartoon video, illustrated video, or carefully coreo-graphed profession video, I might be able to help you with it; Photography – I do not physically go to a specific location and perform photography work, however…I can still help you with this. Because of my vast array of contacts and internet knowledge I can help you with all of your photography needs. This largely will not matter whether you are in America or another country, or what state your in. Wherever your location, I can help you deal with all of the details. Generally it would start with locating a photographer that services your specific area. Then I would work with the Photographer to setup all the details regarding the location of the shoot or shoots, and setup all the details and payment arrangements with that photographers in order to try and get you the lowest price possible. After the photography shoot is complete, I am even able to do whatever is required to prepare the photo’s afterwards, if it’s not a service that the photographer performs.

  • Hand drawn services

     I can provide any hand drawn services. Whether it’s artwork, cartoon work, illustrations or any type of hand drawn work. I work with a variety of different specialists who provide these services for me at low cost, and they are exceptional at what they do.