Livency was entirely custom built. The graphic design concept, xhtml/css coding, and backend programming were all entirely custom.

The website offers a variety of features, some of which are listed below:

– User or Business accounts.
– Ads: Businesses can post their own ads, or create an ad. Every time a non-business user clicks an ad the businesses will pay out Livency a small amount. The businesses are able to set their price. They are allowed to post one ad per day, and have limits on the number of ads that the ad section can show, and they only appear for one day.
– Coupons: Businesses are able to post their own coupons or create a coupon. They can also include a coupon code for online stores. They can either make them free or paid. They pay a monthly fee to Livency for this feature. They are able to put up one free coupon per day. They are limied to 50 coupons per day and they only last one day as well.
– Deals: Business can post their own deals or create their own (like Groupon. Deals last one day, and they are limited to 20 deals per day. Businesses pay a percentage when non-business users buy a deal. Most purchased deal will be the next days deal of the day. If it becomes deal of the day, they are sent out automatic emails.
– Business personal page: Businesses are able to track the number of ads, coupons, and deals they have. They can also see how many times they were viewed, and how many times they were bought. They can also view how much they have to pay Livency. They will also be able to see previously listed ads, coupons, and deals so they can quickly repost them.
– The site features a business directory that lists every business on the site so users can find them. It shows information about the business like the address (with built in map), times, pictures, reviews, ratings, coupons, deals, and ads.
– User Accounts: Users have the ability to view, rate, or buy coupons, ads, or deals. They can also specify whether they like or dislike them (similar to facebook). They also have a personal page so they can track how many ads they have clicked, their favorite ads, coupons and deals of the day, how much money they have made, and more. Users can find each other as well, and add each other as friends. They can then see what deals, coupons, and ads their friends have marked as favorite, or bought. They can also post them in Facebook, as well as send each other gifts. The site also features the ability to connect and recommend using your facebook account.
– And more…


1After our initial meeting ( email, phone or in-live) I’ll make sure to catch up each detail of your requirements and then start the project with full attention.

I have a small team of Web Designers, Logo Designers and Administrative Specialists who are as flexible and devoted as me, to each client’s request. We make sure that everything is going exactly as it should be.

The duration of each project depends on many factors, but we make agreement with you, to have everything in order and continue the work with strict set of tasks.


2During the creation process I consult you if I have any questions or additional ideas.

You can contact me at any time to:
- check the progress of our work or
- if you have any questions or ideas to add.


3 My promise to you is that I will do the best work possible, on time and on budget, with the utmost in professional and personal integrity. You will receive finished project and result to fully enjoy in.