Passport Getaway


Passport Getaway was a project that was done for a company that helps deliver tours and packages to the general public. The site provides a variety of features that allow them to utilize what they need to accomplish their goals, and streamline their internal processes. The frontend features a nicely coded layout, general information pages, and a variety of different dynamic listing pages. The listing system has 3 levels of data display…destinations, packages, and resorts. End users can review the details of these packages within destinations and even sign up for ones they are interested in. On th back end is an Operator system that allows operators to login to the site when they are on a call with the End User and enter additional information regarding packages from the user (calling information, callback number, tour dates, and other important details.

The site features an extensive background that allows the Super Administrator to add/edit/delete destinations, resorts, packages, and operator information. Along with that, they can review an extensive order history and perform a variety of other actions on the different types of data in the system. An extensive reporting system is also built into the backend for Super Admin review.

A technically advanced Cron Job was setup on the backend as well. It serves the purpose of reminding users about their tours 4 days prior to it’s appointment.


1After our initial meeting ( email, phone or in-live) I’ll make sure to catch up each detail of your requirements and then start the project with full attention.

I have a small team of Web Designers, Logo Designers and Administrative Specialists who are as flexible and devoted as me, to each client’s request. We make sure that everything is going exactly as it should be.

The duration of each project depends on many factors, but we make agreement with you, to have everything in order and continue the work with strict set of tasks.


2During the creation process I consult you if I have any questions or additional ideas.

You can contact me at any time to:
- check the progress of our work or
- if you have any questions or ideas to add.


3 My promise to you is that I will do the best work possible, on time and on budget, with the utmost in professional and personal integrity. You will receive finished project and result to fully enjoy in.