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  • Web Development

    I offer full service web development services. No project is too large, and no project is too small. It does not matter what features are needed on the website, and regardless of the language that it needs to be built in. I can handle them all for you. I can maintain the project for you from start to finish, or I can come in during any step of the process to fill any roll. It also does not matter whether you need a brand new site from scratch, or some work done on a pre-existing site. The sky is the limit when it comes to web development. Most of what I do by default is full custom work. However, I have the ability to use and adapt virtually any third party system to fill your needs, and make modifications to them as needed to get the exact results you are going to need. It does not matter whether it is Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, OSCommerce, Magento, or some third party system I have never heard of. I have worked with so many systems it takes me virtually 30-45 minutes with any third party system to learn the ins and outs of operating it, and modifying it.

  • Web Applications

    Web Applications – programmed applications that exist in a web based environment. A lot of times mini programming is done on a website. So you get a hybrid of a web site and a web application most of the time. However, there are times when the functions of a web presence is so specific that it can only be called a full blown application. In still other situations, there is sometimes a website portion, and an application portion. I can help full fill any and all of these requests, regardless of the language. On top of that I can do modifications/adjustments to virtually any pre-existing web application as well; Desktop Applications – programming in a Desktop/Laptop environment requires a lot heavier programming than in a web environment. Due to this fact, it takes longer to develop them and generally costs more than in a web based environment. I am able to handle any type of Desktop app, for any operating system regardless of the languages that are needed, or the feature requirements; Mobile Development (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry, And Other mobile phones) – The marketplace for mobile applications has exploded in recent years. In order to catch up with the market, I have put a great deal of time into learning mobile technologies, and getting access to fellow developers that can compliment my abilities on mobile development. You can review my portfolio for a full list of mobile applications that have been completed.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile Application Features

    Native & Cross Platform Application Development.

    Web services Development & Integration.

    Custom Framework development.


    • Objective-C & IPhone SDK
    • Ruby
    • Enterprise REST API
    • Components included resources, representations, versioning, extensibility, security, monitoring, and throttling
    • API infrastructure including search, shopping cart, checkout, and ecommerce
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Push Notifications
    • Facebook Integration
    • GEO Location & mapping
    • Shopping cart and Checkout



    • Android SDK
    • Web Services
    • JSON
    • XML
    • Eclipse IDE
    • SQ-Lite database
    • Broadcast Receivers
    • Android Google map
    • Pro-guard for code security UI Designing
    • Facebook integration
    • Third party SDK integration
    • EMV Integration
    • Network protocols such as TCP/IP and HTTP
    • Shopping Cart



    • BlackBerry SDK Versions 4.5,5.0,6.0,7.0,7.1
    • Web Services
    • JSON
    • XML
    • Eclipse IDE
    • Blackberry JDE
    • SQ-lite database
    • Network protocols such as TCP/IP and HTTP



    • Windows phone 7,8 SDK
    • Web Services
    • JSON,
    • XML,
    • Eclipse IDE,
    • SQ-lite database
    • Responsive HTML Page designed

    Full HTML5 – Cross Platform systems as well.

  • Custom Programming

    Custom programming is in high demand. Programming is everywhere. Whether you are building a website, a web application, a desktop application, or an Mobile application. I can offer unlimited Custom Programming services at affordable rates. I specialize in a variety of programming languages, and have close contacts that can fill in the gaps for languages I do not know how to use. I offer a variety of services for programming languages such as PHP, Java Script/Ajax, Regex, C++, and a large variety of other programming languages as well. Also it does not matter whether I am doing custom programming from scratch on a brand new custom system of some kind, or working with a pre-existing third party system, or even still working on a system you already had built custom by another developer. I can handle all of this for you and more. It does not matter whether it’s a small script bug fix, or a giant multi-platform, multi-purpose application.I am also an expert with virtually any third party system, Api, or structure in virtually any language. If I do not directly have the abilities to do a specific language, I have close contacts that would be able to fill in those gaps. This is including but not limited to: Amazon S3, Web Services, Codeignitor/Cakephp/Zend Framework/symphony/Others, Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla/Others, and a variety of other third party systems, structures and API systems..

  • Custom Coding

    I offer full Service Custom coding services. Coding services refer to creating the xhtml/css front end for websites. Using a PSD file, JPG file, or other type of image format, I can code that into a perfectly working xhtml/css layout. All of my coding is validated, clean, SEO friendly, and very easy to read. I can either design brand new websites, or redesign whatever websites/applications you currently have created. On top of that, I have the ability to code for virtually any third party system. I can do custom Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or OSCommerce themes, as well as skin for virtually any other system that exists. I also aim to support the highest number of browsers I can possibly support.

  • Custom Design

    Design involves user interface structure and implementation. I can take an existing system and increase is user friendliness, and UI design, or I can integrate that into a new project that I am building for you from scratch.

  • Third Party Systems

    I have mastered the use of many third party systems. I can do anything with Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla. This includes (but is not limited to) basic site installs, advanced site installs, theming of any kind, module development of any kind, and much more. Due to my abilities with the general languages that I work with, I am also able to work with virtually any other third party system. Even if I am introduced to a system that I have never used before, I can pick up learning the system in the span of a few hours, due to how well I know the backend languages that run them.