Written by Joyel (owner and main IT force of

 I provide a variety of marketing services. Whether it’s creating ads in newspapers, or giving feedback regarding where to advertise, how to advertise, and what to advertise.

  • Internet Marketing

    The internet is a very large place, and the marketing opportunities are endless. Whether you want some ads posted on craigslist (or circulated monthly), or wanted to tap into my heavy resources of marketing material I can be of help to you. I can help you work out a marketing strategy, give you feedback along the way, and help you full implement it and launch a marketing campaign of any size and scope.

  • SEO Services

    I offer a wide variety of Search Engine Optimization services. I offer a standard basic SEO package. This would guarantee anything “basic/intermediate” that can be done for your site would be done all in one package. This includes a wide variety of thing within this package, most of which are listed below:

    • validating xhtml/css
    • cleaning up code and fixes errors
    • adjusting your code to text ratio
    • analyzing your keywords and offering feedback
    • making sure your submitted to all major search engines and directories
    • setting up all of your meta tags
    • making sure all links have titles
    • making sure all images have alt tags
    • Running a large variety of SEO diagnostic tools on your site, and performing adjustments as necessary to make things more search engine friendly

    All of the things listed in that list would be done within one flat package price. This also includes a finalized report of the progress, as well as detailed information about other things that can be done towards the site to make SEO even better that would be out of scope of the original package price. I offer a variety of other SEO services separately as well. Including but not limited to link building, removing bad links, and many other services.